OUTRIDERS – Guide to removing fog

How to get rid of the snow


Are you struggling to see why you’re lost in the snow?

Easily clear the cloud from your game by following these steps:

  1. Go to C: Users [su nombre de usuario] AppDataLocalMadnessSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor
  2. Open Engine.ini in your favorite text editor.
  3. Add the following line “r.Fog = 0” [SystemSettings]
  4. Save the file.
  5. Enjoy the power to see.


if you do not have [Configuración del sistema]just add it to its engine.ini file, here is an example of what was added to mine, if you have disabled things like motion sickness, you will be there.

[ Configuración del sistema ] r.MotionblurQuality = 0 r.FastBlurThreshold = 0 r.BlurGBuffer = 0 r.Fog = 0

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