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After weeks of teasers, Activision has unveiled the complete itinerary before the start of season 3 for Warzone and Vanguard. Like previous seasons with content after launch, both titles will receive a large amount of new additions to the weapons arsenal.

If attention remains on the launch of Operation Monarch, fans will have access to a new Marksman rifle, a new combat rifle, a single-body weapon and brand-new ammunition ahead of the season.

With the new weapons capable of changing the metal, we take a look and see if they have the ability to have an impact on the Caldera and in multiplayer mode.

Weapons and Guns in Season 3 of Warzone and Vanguard

Two of the four cannons and ammunition will arrive as part of the battlefield in season 3, when the season begins on April 27th. The other two should appear as part of the current update.

Nikita AVT (assault rifle)

The first of the two weapons to come when season 3 starts is the Nikita AVT rifle. Available for unlocking when reaching level 15 or level 31 of Battlefield, the rifle is described as a “precise and reliable” rifle with one of the best firepower in the entire category.

M1916 (sniper rifle)

The second weapon to appear on the battlefield is the M1916, a shotgun with fatal damage. Probably keeping at level 15 of Battlefield, the rifle can easily run into Warzone and Vanguard loads.

H4 Blixen (Subfusil)

When season 3 arrives at noon, players will unlock the H4 Blix by completing a break in the game or purchasing a pack at the game store. By sharing features similar to those from PPSH and Sten, the H4 Blix is ​​likely to stand out in body-to-body battles.

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Chatarra deposit hammer (body to body)

Finally, a brand new body weapon will bring to Vanguard and Warzone. Known as the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer, there are many possibilities for the weapon to eliminate enemies with a single attack, making it deadly in short-term scenarios.

That’s all there is to know about the weapons and armor coming in season 3 of Warzone and Vanguard. For the most up-to-date information, be sure to consult our pages to find out the latest Call of Duty news.

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