The thematic LED effects of League of Legends characters test the polarization between players

Do you enjoy a bit of League of Legends, but do you know that your experience does not seem to be enough in the neon chaos of a nightclub to be really overpriced?

Well, the League of Legends integration for WhirlwindFX RGB signal might be exactly what you need to combine with your The Prodigy techno playlist to finally achieve maximum performance.

Posted on Reddit by user DaKrazyKid, LED integration includes various effects for multiple masters, as well as some other features that DaKrazyKid explains: the amount of gold and effects for when the baron and the dragon appear soon ”.

The thematic LED effects of League of Legends characters test polarization

As you can see in the video above, the effects include a large amount of sparkles and beautiful colors, so your platform stands out among the crowd and may become visible from space as you play.

Not surprisingly, integration is still an ongoing work where many masters have not yet received their own effects, including Quinn, Olaf and Vladimir.

The reception of the integration on Reddit is mixed until now, where the user Hellcat727 observes: “it looks good, but my eyes will probably die during team games” and Sojake_ says: “good idea, but if you want to take the game seriously, would be a great distraction ”.”.

In response to these concerns, DaKrazyKid assured users that: “Oh, I agree that the masters’ animations are not for everyone! Therefore, you can disable them and just use the help effects that you will remember when the dragon / baron appears. , or to buy items when you have enough gold ”.

User Tormentula suggested that a very neglected version of the integration could be better for the players, saying: head after some games ”. if not the only one. “

They also added: “Less is more when it comes to pictures, you do not want to leave anyone once the news disappears, you want them to stay and adopt a more relaxed / simplistic approach to help with it”. ”.

Not surprisingly, other users were big admirers and suggested effects they would like to see added where user znat said “W of Quinn would definitely have to light up the living room” and the selfish I added “Ults as Rengar, Nocturne and Tal vez Rek “should also have a light red or dark purple. Now the hunt becomes more intense! ”

Currently, the integration only works with certain hardware brands, so be sure to check that your team is compatible if you are interested in converting your LoL sessions to mini-raves.

If you’re looking for more League of Legends news, check out the latest updates in this article.

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