Square Enix Yoshida P “The reason why it’s not an open world is to deliver an experience that focuses on the story. We have prepared four large fields.”

FF16 is not an open world, but it surely’s removed from a straight street?


According to the article

・Final Fantasy XVI will not be an open world.

・According to Mr. Yoshida, the entire sport known as “Final Fantasy XVI” is on no account linear.

・ Mr. Yoshida“We have also created four 2-kilometer-square fields, and (omitted) you can see that we have prepared a very large field.”speak to.

・Mr. Yoshida explains why FINAL FANTASY XVI will not be an open world.“To deliver a story-focused experience”explains.

・In addition“I think that ‘ultimately you can abandon the scenario’ is the real pleasure of open world games, but FF16 is not like that.”defined.

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