ZeniMax Online Studios is working on “more unannounced projects”

In December 2020, ZeniMax Online Studios revealed that they had started a new investigation in San Diego that would work on an unannounced AAA title. But it seems that this is not the only secret game that is under development, and that it has now been announced on Twitter that they are contracting people for “several unannounced projects”.

As we can see in the tweet below, ZeniMax Online seeks to cover more than 45 posts in various departments from design and art to production, making it impossible to predict what genre of game you are working on.

ZeniMax Online was one of the many developers that Microsoft recommended when it announced the acquisition of ZeniMax last year (along with others like Bethesda, Id Software, Arkane and Machine Games). Basically, it is to be expected that these upcoming ZeniMax Online games will be available for PC and Xbox, and it will also be included in the Xbox Game Pass.

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