Yuta Seki, a preferred sport distributor, is trembling with electrical payments which are too harmful.

Unable to say something concerning the “record high” electrical energy invoice… The evils of “long delivery” confronted by fashionable streamers (inside) – Yahoo! News

According to the article

・In the brief video, Mr. Seki lower out, “Electricity bill is really dangerous”, “I hit the strongest electric bill in history last month …”, “I went 100,000. Seriously dangerous”and reveal the stunning quantity

・About the issue, “Maybe it’s because I’m on my computer. I’m in sleep mode, but I’m on my computer.” The electrical energy invoice for a PC alone is loopy, however…” explained. Furthermore, he also leaked, “It’s a bit harmful as a result of there’s heating.”

・In addition, the official Twitter of Seki’s staff “ZETA DIVISION” additionally posted, quoting the video, “Is everyone’s electricity bill okay?” On the opposite hand, there are voices similar to “It’s the same amount as the rent…”, “I hit the highest amount ever”, and “It’s painful to see the price rise…”.

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