Youtube strikes and breaks down videos of ZoneOfTech and Max Yuryev

Some Youtube channels like ZoneOfTech y Max Yuryevchannels dedicated to technology, regularly from Apple, have received strikes for non-compliance with copyright, and in the case of Max Yuryev, until the demolition of his channel revoked his Adsense account.

The beginning of a crime on Youtube against channels that appear as pirated products?

It seems that Apple has become the first company to take notes in the case that the copyright of their products on the Youtube platform has been infringed. For her they have given powers to an image rights company and online rights representation to surf the network and find out who enforces its policies as much as security, such as software, as well as devices. The company has started with the Youtube platform claiming videos, with subsequent sanctions against the channels, and pretending to follow portals, blogs and other platforms dedicated to publishing this type of content.

On the ZoneOfTech channel, we got a strike from a video from 4 years ago where it explained how to install Apple software as a developer, and it also would not explain anything about Jailbreak or things by style, it is a video where it simply talking (without pictures). or information not known from networks) how any user can install iOS Beta software on devices as if they were a developer.

In the case of Max Yuryev, whose channel is dedicated to photography, it seems he has a video about Hackintosh and things you can say about it. In the video, I have at least heard, the reasons for the cancellation of the Adsense account are not specified.

So far, I have seen on reddit these cases related to Apple, but it is not clear that Nintendo, Microsoft, Playstation or many other companies take the initiative and start demonstrations or even close channels with the pirate of their products.

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