Yoshida: FF16 will certainly come out on June twenty second. Unless a meteor hits Japan, there might be no delays.

FF16 will not be postponed “unless a meteorite falls on Japan”

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“Final Fantasy XVI (FF16)” scheduled to be launched on June 22 for PlayStation 5. Although there are only some months left till the discharge of this work, Naoki Yoshida appears assured about this schedule.

Yoshida mentioned on the FF16 press occasion held in New York.

“I know FF titles can get postponed at the last minute,(This work) is not going to be delayed except a meteorite falls on Japan

Yoshida didn’t make clear which FF title he was referring to, however relating to last-minute postponements, FF15 and FF7R come to thoughts. “FF15” has been postponed for two months, simply 6 weeks earlier than it was scheduled to be launched. “FF7R” was additionally postponed for an additional 7 weeks after the promised launch date.

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All proper, completely!

It’s not a flag, is it…?

It’s a really particular situation, I do not assume so

I remembered “your name”

This is an article I would like Shinji Mikami to learn. He mentioned, “If Resident Evil 4 is released on a platform other than the GameCube, I’ll cut off my head.”

I do know you are joking, however I do not assume you must say this.

As anticipated of you, Kichi-P!
Now you’ll be able to relaxation in peace! !

We know Yoshi-P, who used to tearfully apologize when Akatsuki’s finale was postponed…
I imagine you! !

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