[Yabai]It seems that the burnt corpse that seems within the FPS recreation “Half Life 2” was truly an actual corpse…

Half-Life 2’s burnt corpse was an actual human, fan discovers

“Half Life 2”within the recreation ofburnt corpse(character mannequin “Corpse01.mdl”) seems regularly.The ultra-realistic face with burnt flesh has horrified gamers, and that is no shock, apparently this faceactual human stuffappears to have been

・This was by chance found by a fan and have become a scorching subject on the abroad bulletin board reddit.

・On reddit“Images of corpses” printed in forensic textbooksIt was posted, however that is “Corpse01.mdl”A person identified that it is extremely comparable. It appears that solely the attention half was modified,It turned out to be the identical picture

・For the previous 20 years, players have unknowingly seen “real corpses”

Half-Life 2 Valve burnt corpse FPS legend real related images-02

■ Image with out mosaic is right here

■ Reference video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euXZL-Dm98s&ab_channel=Richter Overtime

hey hey hey

This is horrible

It’s too messed as much as put a severe grotesque picture within the recreation

It’s wonderful that I have never discovered it till now.

It’s an insult to a useless particular person.Of course, it might be completely different if permission was obtained from the deceased or his bereaved household, however that’s unimaginable, is not it?

I did not wish to know

Whoever sacrificed themselves within the creation of this texture was actually immortalized in gaming historical past.

Respect to the Valve staff who salvaged to make this mannequin.

i all the time thought it was too actual

If I die a horrific demise, not less than I hope the image is in a online game.

There’s all the time one thing “unique” about Valve recreation growth.

Eh, this can be a actual man!An actual corpse is completely unimaginable…
Yaruo stop refusal both hands

Is it the results of the pursuit of actuality?
When you say it, it is true that solely the face is surprisingly too actual
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