[Yabai]”FF16″, it seems that there isn’t any reservation from Street Fighter 6 popping out in the identical month

Ranking Game Reservation Comprehensive – GEO Online

[Updated on February 28]General Weekly Ranking for Game Preorders

FF16 Owakon PS5 Reservation Image related to explosion-02

Below are the highest GEO reservations

1st place The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

2nd place Resident Evil RE:4

third Place Ryza’s Atelier 3

4th Rockman EXE Advanced Collection

fifth Street Fighter 6

sixth FF16

seventh place Pikmin 4

eighth place profitable publish

ninth place Hogwarts Legacy (PS4 model)

tenth place Minecraft LEGENDS

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This is not any good

If you’ll be able to’t beat Atelier or Rockman EXE at this level, it is over.

Even Amazon has by no means reached a single-digit rating stage

↑ Amazon as soon as climbed to sixth place
It ran up from round fiftieth place and plummeted to fiftieth place once more.

It turned out that the sector was additionally slim
Short whole enjoying time
I discovered that the film is stupidly lengthy
It turned out that the battle was a steady hit sport
I discovered that the display was black and I did not know what I used to be doing
I discovered that QTE was included within the film
I discovered that it is a piece of crap
It turned out that the summoned beast battle was nearly a film

Because I’ve 15 felony information
If you wait a bit of longer, even when Square Enix is ​​numbered FF, there might be a sudden drop in new merchandise resulting from over-shipment.

It’s fairly harmful when competing with Pikmin launched in July
Pikmin is an excellent wrinkle-selling sequence that has by no means reached 200,000 within the first week.

Resident Evil, Street Fighter 6, Rockman are all above FF16
Isn’t it utterly sealed by Capcom?

Losing to a combating sport is simply too harmful

It would possibly critically break 100,000 within the first week, and if that occurs, it would positively be discontinued at 16.

If you attempt to write that it is a PS5 unique, it is a drawback, however even the PS5 model loses
Did RPGs fall in reputation an excessive amount of and the recognition of combating video games and RPGs reversed?
You would not consider me if I instructed you 10 years in the past that FF and Street Fighter’s numbered new pre-order FF are dropping out.

It’s every week, not a complete.
But it did not enhance within the play video

FF16 Owakon PS5 Reservation Image related to explosion-03

That FF is beneath right here! ?
Is this what it means to place out a sport on a dropping laborious…
FF16 Owakon PS5 Reservation Image related to explosion-04

There are nonetheless three months till June!
At that point, there was an enormous explosion of gross sales! !
The scarcity of PS5 itself has been resolved and it’s promoting effectively!
FF16 Owakon PS5 Reservation Images related to explosion-05

FF16 Owakon PS5 Reservation Image related to explosion-06
FF16 Owakon PS5 Reservation Image related to explosion-07
PlayStation 5 (CFI-1200A01)

Release date: 2022-09-15
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Category: Video Games
Sales Rank: 1


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