Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X launch on November 10th

Xbox has confirmed that its next generation of video games will launch on November 10, when Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles are available globally. Xbox has also announced its partnership with Electronic Arts to bring some of EA’s best titles to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass to PC.

Mark November 10 on the Xbox Series calendar

So if gamers are looking for an advanced console as they prefer to experience the new generation with a smaller and fully digital console at a lower price, today’s news offers a look at the options that gamers want to share. new generation of video games with Xbox. Today’s news includes:

  • Xbox Series X, the fastest and most powerful console, and Xbox Series S, a fully digital console offering a new generation of speed and performance on the shortest Xbox in history, it launches on November 10th. Reservations for both consoles open on September 22nd.
  • The price of the new generation of Xbox consoles is as follows: € 299.99 (PVP) for Xbox Series S and € 499.99 (PVP) for Xbox Series X..
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC members receive an EA Play subscription no additional costs from the end of this year. This means that Ultimate members will be able to enjoy EA Play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and PC with Windows 10, and Xbox Game Pass for PC members will get EA Play on Windows 10.

“Offering EA Play to Xbox Game Pass members contributes to our vision of connecting players to the games that are safe and between them where they want to play”declares Mike Blank, SVP, EA Strategic Growth. “After five years of providing subscription services to the Xbox community, we are excited to make it easier to enjoy both subscriptions together.”

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S specifications

The biggest difference between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is the resolution. The Xbox Series S offers approximately 3 times higher GPU performance than the Xbox One and is designed to play games at 1440p at 60 fps, with support for up to 120 fps. With the superior efficiency that the next generation of AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture brings with most virtual memory multipliers enabled through Xbox Speed ​​Architecture, the Xbox Series S will offer far more performance and experience than the basic specifications.

In addition, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S share the same development environment, tools, and capabilities, which will allow developers to create and publish their content on both consoles with greater ease while taking advantage of unique hardware features. generation.


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