Xbox Game Pass may soon present a family plan

The Xbox Game Pass is still a solid reason to be an Xbox owner, and now Microsoft’s subscription service may add a family plan soon. Currently, Xbox Game Pass users do not have the funds to share their subscription with family or friends.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft will allow five players to share a subscription. Of course, this costs more than your standard Xbox Game Pass subscription, but sharing the cost can reduce the cost individually.

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Xbox Game Pass may soon present a family plan

We have seen this before with the Nintendo Switch Online service, which includes a very familiar plan for its standard level as for the expansion pack. Although PlayStation Plus does not have the option of a family subscription, users using the same console with a PS Plus subscriber can connect and play even if they cannot access the exclusive features of PS Plus.

It’s still unclear when the Xbox Game Pass family plan will be launched, and we’re usually waiting for an official announcement. In the meantime, we hope Microsoft works on it as an option. We’ll keep you posted on more Xbox news as far as we can find.

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