Xbox Game Pass: Final Fantasy XV, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and more are available.

Xbox has announced the titles that will be delivered in the coming days to the service on the console of Xbox Game Pass. You still do not have it Xbox Game Ultimate Pass, do not miss the opportunity to subscribe for 3 months for only 1 euro. This service includes Xbox Game Pass for console, Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Game Pass Consolas

February 6th

Final Fantasy XV (Xbox Game Pass for Consola, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)

Final Fantasy XV is a video game of the ARPG genre developed by Square Enix. We will live Prince Noctis’ adventures while traveling in a car with his best friends on his way to his wedding to Luna. During the trip, it becomes clear that his country has been invaded under the pretext of a ceasefire, and that he himself, his father-in-law and his father, Monarch Regis, have fallen into the hands of the enemy.

At the end of gathering the forces necessary to discover the truth and regain her homeland, Noctis and her loyal companions will face a series of battles in a spectacular open world plagued with creations of incredible proportions, different cultures, huge enemies and terrible atrocities.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Xbox Game Pass for Consola, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a Bethsda game that took us to a France occupied by the Nazi forces, the environment in 80 years of Paris.

The protagonist will no longer be in BJ Blazkowick, who has disappeared without leaving the events of The new colossusand now we will incarnate in your two beautiful daughters, Jess and Soph. Our mission will be to dig deeper into the city’s foundation, gather clues in our father’s paradise, establish new contacts with unpublished aliens in the saga and at the same time labronon us more rivals than ever before, all while we are at war. enemies. each time more prepared and better equipped.

February 13th

Death Squared (Xbox Game Pass to Consola, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)

Death Squared is a multiplayer puzzle game involving collaboration, communication and explosions of robots.

Xbox Game Pass pc

This month, with dates always to be announced, the following games will be launched in Xbox Game Pass for PC:

News about Xbox Game Pass Tasks

Microsoft has launched a new update for the Xbox Game Pass Tasks, which since this week offers players several ways to earn points and updates, such as receiving real-time notifications once they have completed Tasks.

The goal of the Xbox Game Pass Tasks program is to help players discover new games and reward them for playing. You can now earn points by playing any console title through the Xbox Game Pass, as long as the specific game-related tasks are maintained.

You can view all the tasks from the Xbox Game Pass mobile app or from the application page on the console. Take a look at some of the assignments available through March 2:


  • All Xbox Game Pass games on the console: Earn 15 points to play any Xbox Game Pass game on the console.
  • Mobile App: Earn 15 points by starting a session on the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.


  • All Xbox Game Pass Games: Earn 50 points for unlocking any Xbox Game Pass game on consoles this week.
  • (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers only) Payday 2: completes three traps in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition to earn 75 points.


  • Earn 1000 points for completing 45 daily tasks and 15 weekly tasks this month.
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Get 100 points for robbing 35 cars GTA V.

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