X3: Farnham’s Legacy – Guía básica de piratas para noviatos

How to become a pirate lord in X3: Farnham’s Legend.

Guide to basic concepts about pirates


To begin your adventures as a pirate captain, complete the initial plot. This will not only give you complete access to the universe, but it will also give you everything you need to start as a pirate (at the end of the plot, you will choose the option to open the doors). to the pirate sector to allow easier access to the location that we will refer to, although this is completely optional and can be changed later).

A primer area, querrás dirigirte a la fe de Hatikvah. Si, en la plota, elige ponerse del lado de los piratas con la alineación de la puerta, será much más fácil de alcanzar. Heading south from Xenon Hub to Danna’s Chance, it will be 2 sectors east from there.

He said that it is very important to locate this area on the map, as Hatikvah’s Faith is one of the few high-traffic border sectors that contains cross-border traffic from all the races of the Commonwealth (Argon, Boron, Teladi, Split and Paranid), including military y transports, as well as having easy access to a pirate shipyard in the same sector.

cargo hack

The easiest way to get loot is by putting the hacker in charge (given in the initial plot) of stealing weapons and other valuable items from the traders who carry them. Este es un riesgo relativo bajo, ya que no téraras que participar and ningún combate real. For this, I’d recommend sticking with an M6 in case they turn hostile, although any decently fast boat with a roomy hold and a good shield will do.

Start por buscar en el sector mercantes de armas amistosos/neutrales or mercantes de alta tecnologia. No deben see hostile contigo o el hacker de carga no funcionará.

You can find a localization of an object, a scan and a scan to discover el contenido su carga. Si encuentra un objetivo con una quantity suficiente de botín, accércate y enfréntate al carga hacker usando la tecla acceso rápido que has assigned. First, you’ll want to prioritize weapons of greater value, even with the exception of size XL weapons, since it’s likely you won’t be able to loot them if they’re discovered.

Take any Fragmentation Bomb Launchers, Plasma Blast Generators, Concussion Pulse Generators, High Energy Plasma Launchers, Ion Fragment Rail Cannons, and other medium or small weapons.

Important: If you detect while trying to rob, simply open the communication menu and use the “Lo siento, el dispare de armas fue un error” option. 9 de cada 10 veces, tus crímenes seran perdonados siempre y cuando no sigas intendando robarle al mimso objetivo.

Once you have collected a sufficient amount of loot, simply go to the port of anarquía to sell it. (Si ingen puede atracar aquí, otro muelle de equipo or posto militar will work.

Armored transports and capture of small boats

Using the cargo hacker to obtain some plasma blast generators and ion fragment rail cannons, we will use them to capture the enemy cargo being transported by the sector. You want to change the configuration of your weapon in the following manner:

Configure the Railguns to be in group 2, the plasma generators in group 3, all weapons in group 4, and a single PBG in group 1. Remember that there are other weapon configurations that are more effective than this, but this configuration is very specialized for the targets we pursue: armored vehicles.

APCs are a new addition to Farnham’s Legacy and are intended as an interim resource between a TL and a TS. Están fuertemente protegidos y tienen cascos muy resistentes, ya menudo they will have several towers equipped with light armament, like combat drones and occasionally escort. It is easily identified by its new and unique icon on the map.

Encuentra uno, abre el menu de comunicaciones y diles que se rindan. Yes, hazlo antes de que hayas disparado, ya que existe una pequeña option de que se rindan immediato de todos modos o dejen caer su carga. Sin embargo, incluso si no lo hacen, esto los volverá hostile harcia ti y centarán su atencio en ti, lade guiarlos et un area más seguro lejos de otros hostile o evitar que escapen a un sector más vigilado.

Start closing in on them and target them with the ion fragment railguns until you are within 1 km range. The first time there, use shift+f to adjust the speed to coincide with the target and start attacking them with PBG. Once the shield is down, switch to weapon group 1 and start slowly slashing the helmet (the PBG is an incredible tool for removing all but one shield on the target, ensuring no weapons will be fired with them). as he persuades them to leave their boat.)

Abra el menú de comunicaciones cuando su objetivo esté al 80% del casco o menos y exija su surrender. Si se niegan, retrocede y deja que su escudo se carcargue al 50%, e inténtalo de nuevo, removes a little more than % of the casco each time. Most of the time the pilot will get between 30% and 80% of the fuselage, or nothing.

Después de que hayan abandonado el barco, debás segurarte de que no haya otros hostile cerca. Eliminate en los enemy restantes y luego reclame su nuevo transportador armored. Conveniently send it to the shipyard in the same sector and sell it for 3-5 million new credits. (Si se puso del lado del Argon y no tiene el deputy pirata para acarcar der, envielo a la luz del corazón).

Get ready for Embarque

Once you have acquired a good amount of money (más de 10 million), you need to buy a transporter with a decent capacity for the infantes de marina. Fui con un Express, comprado en el astillero de Light of Heart. Necessary equipment with a car, the nearest place to buy one is el cuartel general de OTAS en Legend’s Home located two sectors to the east and one sector to the south.

You will also need a portable transporter and a personal bioscanner, these can be purchased at Terracorp HQ in Home of Light Alpha.

The jumpdrive kits will be very useful, but not all necessary, as long as you have an extra jumpdrive in your personal boat and you agree to buy it again after each catch.

Cargo carrier with marines. If you have difficulties to find where the infantes of the marina go, consult your enciclopedia to know the locations. Some to consider are the advanced military post in Aladna Hill, the rehabilitation center in Danna’s Chance, and the equipment port in Teladi in Company Pride.

Consigue 21 infantes de marina. No obtenga más, ya que si lo hace, no se podran utilizar en el suuiente paso. Concentrated a los marines that live up to everything where you can train on an adventure trip. (Optional: Entrénelos en todas las abilidades con entrenamiento avanzado twice before proceeding. This is not necessary because it will not affect your performance in battle, only its capacity to cut more resistant helmets and hack more resistant mainframes. No training is required. for the goal we seek.)

Cuando esté listo, guarde su juego y regresse a Hatikvah’s Faith.

Embarkation boats

Nuestro próximo objetivo elegido será algo much more grande, aunque un poco más facil y confiable de capturer. Sin embargo, this requires planning, positioning and having to be aware of other hostiles in the process. Busque las Estaciones Piratas Móviles Pirates, que son grandes, están disarmadas y, a menudo, no tienen infantes de marine a bordo to offer a defense against their boarding group.

Survey your target, make sure there are no hostiles nearby. Si los hay, elimínalos o espera a que tu objetivo esté en un lugar más seguro. Acérquese lo suficiente y scanee su carga. You must ensure that you do not have advanced firewall software, internal sentinel lasers, or a hull polarization device before boarding, as this will seriously harm your efforts or even prevent you from capturing the ship.

Cuando esté listo para aborder, suba su transporte marítimo y ordernele que lo siga. Enfréntate a tu objetivo y baja los escudos. (It is not necessary to use a box, but only 3 pieces of software need to be used, and PBG must destroy the component). En escudos estén abajo, cambie a su transporte y colóquese frente a él, approx. a ~1.5 km distance.

You will need to time this carefully and you will need to return to your battleship and attack your shields starting to exceed the 5% again. Press the hotkey for “Start en todos los marines” (assignable in the weapons category controls menu), then exit the transport.

To get out, sus infantes de marina should begin la caminata espacial hacia el objetivo y, dado que están en su camino directo, no derivate tener problemas para hacer contacto. Return to your battleship and continue manteniendo los escudos por debajo del 8%. Warning: If the escudos exceed 8%, the escudo de energía will evaporate instantly to the marines.

Escuche cuando sus infantes de marina le hayan informado que han traversado el casco y han comenzado el combate. En este punto, es seguro simply harcer que su piloto automático siga la nave y abra su tabesa de personal para monitorear su progress.

Se abrirán camino través de 5 cubiertas del barco y luego piratearán el nucleo. Siempre que traiga 21 marines, no delivência tener problemas para abrirse camino a través del barco con pocas bajas, si es que las hay, y en poco tiempo, el barco estará bajo su control.

At this point, the reputation of your faction with the pirates will collapse and you will not be able to send them to the shipyard in the same sector. Deberá enviarlo al astillero en Light of Heart to sellers. Para insurgarte de que llegue there, give an escort or transfer a salto engine and some energy cells. Asegúrate de limpiar cualquier marine que flote en el espacio antes de abandonar el sector.

Enjoy your new TL!

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