WWE 2K22 Review – A Return To Big Damage From Lack Of Finishing In Something More Than Details

Sometimes it is necessary to take a break to take a step back and recover as well as possible. This is as true for people as it is for the French; nothing more than the inability to disconnect, disconnect and perform a necessary deconstruction exercise that allows us to understand how exactly the internal mechanisms that are our components work. That’s why we see so little risk in annual francs, and that’s why it goes so far as to break even when we don’t assume risk. Because we don’t have time to reflect, redefine and understand what is in our hands, it’s easy to end up finding something that, with a little hindsight, could have worked.

In that sense, WWE 2K20 was an absolute disaster. Repeating bugs, with broken graphics and meaningless physics, the game was a review and sales disaster that took 2K to cancel the game’s next shipment, WWE2K21, also alleging the impact of COVID on its way . But this does not mean the death of a Frenchman who works very well in the United States as in Europe, but the obvious need for at least a year of rest to redefine certain aspects. This resulted in a WWE 2K22 which, after a significant delay after its originally scheduled release in 2021, appears under the promise that the disaster that was WWE 2K20 will not happen again. And Visual Concepts, developers of the franchise for almost ten years, have completed this aspect.

WWE 2K22’s first strong point is that it’s not a disaster. Graphically it is not a pointer, but it is never misleading, unlike its previous delivery, its mechanics are simple and easily understood. With a button for hard hits, another for fast hits and another for agar, with the puzzle-based combinations of these three buttons, it’s a game in which it’s easy to dominate at least one character. , even if you really have to play dominate more than that, now that we also have squash and block buttons, but it will only be used for the first hit of each combo, having to use the hit or agar button which can make it so that each adversary can splash his combo, one is obliged to determine what he is going to do or to know what are his combos to advance himself. All of this adds a very fun interactive component as another layer of depth to the game without making it too complex.

In fact, one of the great virtues of WWE 2K22 is that you can give control to someone who has never played in their life and can do a mid job without having to press any buttons without a tone or his. To this contribute the notices on the screen, which tell us when we can do different special moves and finishers indicating which buttons to use for this, always a combination of two of them, but also the game itself, which uses only four buttons and two buttons for all of its actions.

This means that those who play casually, as if it were a board game In other words, the game does not provide excessive barriers to break the order and play casual combat without rules, but also that for those who want to go deeper and play nice, there is enough space to learn how to do it. make. And it must be, in particular, the number of different modes that this game presents to us.

In addition to the limited online and offline game modes, WWE 2K22 offers us several modes with which to increase its useful life. In Carrera mode, here rebranded as My LEGEND, you tend to create your own wrestler and take them from their origins as a newbie in the business to transforming into a superhero through side stories, quarrels and fights against legends of the past. In the style of My GM, who returns to the game after his disappearance after WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, we tend to choose one of the general managers from one of WWE’s four brands and compete with the other three to do the most successful promotion within the company, negotiating contracts, by planning meetings and making fights to start the structure of the franchise’s weekly programs. Unfortunately, both lanes are still very tight; really needed a strong graphical face wash, both in the interface and in the models, also needed a lot of work in its playable depth, very limited and just a sketch of what should really be modes of complete games. This is the reason why, in the end, the two strong plates are a new game mode and another that returns: My FACCIÓN and Showcase.

Ma FACCIÓN is a way where we have to create our team of superheroes, as many men as women, to fight with them as proof that they update so many diaries every week. The rewards will be points with those who buy envelopes to open and deliver cards from other superheroes to those who add us listing, in addition to decorative items to enhance our brand image. Being able to buy these envelopes with in-game money, but also being able to invest real money in its random envelope system, is a way that greatly increases the useful life of the ever-evolving game, but does not no longer needs to be particularly opaque gacha, so much so that I FACCIÓN has no online mode and is fully circumcised to a PVE experience.

Similarly, Showcase returns to WWE history to chronicle the rise of one of its superheroes through its battles, ensuring that we take them down ourselves by following a series of demands on what to do at each moment of the fight to emulate what happened. in reality, mixing videos of the real fight and comments of the superhero between the media. In this case, the outgoing protagonist is Rey Mysterio, whom we follow through a dozen fights to present the most important successes of his career since his entry into WCW until his recent return to WWE.

Unfortunately, even with all the love for WWE contained here, that doesn’t rule out all the issues that continue to drag the game down. Probably the most important is its tutorial; if taught in an absolutely basic way, many elements needed to play more than 1v1 in a match without special rules remain unexplained, completely covered in explanation only in text that is often more confusing than explicit. This, which also happens with the tutorial explanations of what to do to complete each Showcase Mode objective, results in the game having a much tighter barrier of entry for those not already familiar with the game. entered with the franchise.

For those who are curious about wrestling, but despite being experts, there are also some issues. With no encyclopedia, or explanations of each class every which way, it’s hard to know exactly what to do to win, as we’ve figured out where exactly each move is that marks our menu of combos. It would be a huge experience to have access to an external source to identify certain elements which might be basic for wrestling fans, but which would prove extremely confusing for newcomers, and which would be arranged with some explanation or, including an adjective little. video to show what we are going to do.

If that includes a user interface that’s not always as clear as it should be, the game can be refreshing for fans, but also an extraordinarily harsh roar shell for those out of the whole world of wrestling, something that is difficult to understand in a game that has principles closer to board game than hardcore wrestling game.

Apparently none of the above implies that the game is bad. Those who are already fans of WWE 2K should start buying it without any problem, because in fact for them there is promise for the future and the problems are practically non-existent. But this does not mean that it will be the same for others. It’s a show that will excite fans and, after all, should light up others as well. Quizzes may not be the most accessible, beautiful, or cleanest, but they are good members from which to build annual deliveries that can fine-tune details that end up not being well-stocked. And when that happens, then perhaps we can talk about a WWE game that’s not only remarkable for its fans, but ideal for anyone with even a modicum of curiosity about this particular fusion of sports and entertainment.

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