Would you give the pot Seluvis to Nepheli? Disputed

Elden Ring is finally here and is completely full of secondary missions that can be difficult to correct or get the complete context for, especially if you lose some dialogue or do not note down key information. This short mission can have serious consequences depending on your choices, so we’re here to help you. Here is the answer whether to give the pool Seluvis to Nepheli in the Fire Ring.

Would you give the pot Seluvis to Nepheli?

The short answer to that question is no, you should probably not give a nod, but we will explain why next time.

After crossing Cariah Manor near the northwest side of the map, you will meet Ranni and his group of NPCs: Iji, Blaidd and Seluvis. Seluvis is clearly the most blatantly incomplete character in the group since the beginning, so I ask you to take a look at Nepheli Loux and the baby.

Seluvis does not say who made the pot, but there is an occupied underground space just outside the Ranni tower that is filled with people who do not react or “appear”, presumably people who used to feed the pot with Seluvis. There is a message from the game inside the room telling the player not to touch the dolls already touching Seluvis.

Try to hide around the kite in the area, then hit the boulders on the floor at this exact point (where the green marker / marker is in the center of the screen) to reveal the hidden space and test yourself:

fire ring seluvis hidden space

Of course, you can still get a reward from Seluvis, even if you have nothing to do with Nepheli in view of the other dolls in the secret room. Follow these steps to complete this mission without being able to save:

  • Talk to Nepheli Loux at Roundtable Hold’s after meeting him at Stormveil Castle just before Chief Godrick’s match.

    It can also be found in the Aldea de los albinaúricos, if it was already in the Bastión de la Mesa Redonda. When you return to Mesa Redonda, you will climb the stairs and pass Hewg.

    by i albinaúricos elden ring

  • Talk to his father, Gideon Ofnir, at the Roundtable Hold’s Library.

    It will suggest getting rid of the pots and envy Seluvis to make sure they are far from Nepheli.

    gideon elden anillo nepheli poción

  • Elijah gives the bag to Gideon so he can get rid of it, then go back with Seluvis.

    This is also the step by which you can choose to preserve the pot to drive to Nepheli.

  • Then you will offer a free spirit of invocation and you will be transformed into a merchant of Hechicerias when the gases leave the boat for Nepheli.
  • Alternatively, as mentioned earlier, you can also give the pot to Nepheli if that’s what you really want. In that case, Nepheli will leave and react like the other dolls in Seluvis’ occupied room and leave Roundtable Hold shortly after.

    That’s all you need to know about give or not the pool Seluvis to Nepheli Loux in the Fire Ring. Be sure to consult our games wiki guide to find more tips, tricks, and other mission guides as you travel through Lands Between.

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