World of Warcraft Shadowlands: The Eternity’s End has a date

Blizzard has announced that The Eternity’s End, the next content update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, will be released on February 22.

The American developer explained that players must “prepare to take a step towards abstinence and face Zovaal, the defiant Carcelero and governor of Las Fauces in the Shadow Lands, before they can save the rules of reality” .

Fr the official blog Few details are given, but it is specified that the PvP content of the second season of Shadowlands will end on the evening of February 22. From this date, “it will no longer be possible” to receive rewards, titles or PvP season rankings.

While the development team is preparing for the introduction of the third season, there will be a pre-test for a week after the end of season 2. During this pre-test, players will be able to make cola for PvP point and get rewards, but PvP ratings will be disabled.

As for Hints + Tactics, Blizzard explained that “they will continue to be available with Season 2 matches and their rewards. Hints + Tactics will continue to accumulate and next Season’s results will be available except 0.1% to obtain the title”. and the achievement of a fortified hero”.

In principle, the third season of Shadowlands is expected to start the week of March 1, with a weekly reset for each region.

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