World of Tanks for console presents a news package

The special package will include a new Irish model tank, free war trucks and epic tournaments for all players

Wargamingdeveloper and editor of World of Tankswill present during this month separate events, new content y special missions, to celebrate St. Patrick’s and the Men’s Balloon Championship in America (March Madness). News will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One y Xbox 360.

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St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and players will have a very special mission to celebrate Ireland’s National Day. In the new mission ‘The luck of the Irish’ you get the chance to win free chariots with your commanders. The boxes will contain a random selection of treasures and prizes and will be won for every 10 victories won in battle. The special mission will be available on the weekend of 16-18. March

The last hero from World of Tanks also comes from Emerald Island. His name is Banshee Comet, an Irish soldier who offers an interesting and unique turn to the game. It gets its name from a mythological creation of Irish folly and combines incredible mobility with devastating effect and great precision. In addition, first-time users will be able to take advantage of an exclusive mission that includes all Banshee Comet packages, which will allow you to receive a 25% increase in experience in each crew increase for each of the active tanks. Will be available until April 2nd.

On the competition side, the bosses are now right in the middle of the epic Tank Madness tournament, a competition that takes place on teams and faces a 8 nations between them on weekends in March. Czechoslovakia and China will see each other in a David confrontation vs. Goliath will take his place from March 16 to 18, while Sweden will fight against EE. UU in the last tram, from March 23 to 25. Players will be able to enter the competition every weekend to win the prize. “SilverSays, Premium time and access to other special missions.

For commanders who do not have enough with Tank Madness, they expect a competition at the end of the month, from March 30 to April 1. The tournament finally IV will meet the winners of each group they fought for in March. The commanders who give their support to the winning team will be able to wave the flag of this nation and get a tank “Whole flag“As a maximum prize.

Besides, from March 20, two new models of Chinese vehicles with great power they will be ready to go into battle. These models will be available in the World of Tanks store. The WZ-120-1G FT counts with high speed and heavy armor, giving the benefit from the perspective of agility and defense in combat. WZ-111 is one of them as a fast and furious heavyweight who balances a full-fledged weapon prepared for maximum damage in the fragility of battle. These tanks are available in one package “Mega“Or separately in packages”Ultimately“,”Loaded“Y”Basis”, And will be available until April 9.

World of Tanks for consoles is one of the most successful free games in the world with over 14 million players on Xbox and PlayStation. The game is constantly improving in terms of quality and content and adds new game modes, promotions, operations and of course cards or time constraints. In addition, the recent launch of ‘War Stories’ will offer more than 12 hours of individual and collaborative matches for those players who want to avoid tactical matches and 15 vs. 15 pvp (player versus player).

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