Witcher 3 Mod makes Ciri a real monster hunter

When CD Project Red announced a new Witcher game on March 21, much of the initial speculation among fans and media was centered on the idea of ​​Ciri as the ideal Witcher to replicate Rivia’s beloved Geralt as the main character.

A statement to Eurogamer by Robert Malinowski, director of global communications for CD Project, shortly after the announcement, however, is questionable theories to reveal that the Witcher medal shown on him was designed to look like a lince, not a cat as fans of Ciri had thought.

Without embargo, not everything is lost. A new mod for The Witcher 3 by CurtisRusty adds a small but important detail to Ciri’s character model that can help the role-playing game for those who have the idea that she’s taking Geralt’s profession to the end of the game’s main story. .

Witcher 3 Mod converts Ciri into a real witch

The mod is called “Witcher Eyes for Ciri” and follows a number of other mods also by CurtiSRustY designed to enhance Geralt’s appearance in The Witcher 3.

Like one of these mods “Real Witcher Eyes – Geralt”, this one changes towards Ciri’s eyes, which are green in the vanilla game, to the dark yellow eyes that are characteristic of the witches who have been subjected to the test of las hierbas .

Having said that, the courage continues to be ideal for those looking for minimalism who are reluctant to make Ciri Freya Allan from Netflix’s The Witcher series or to give Naruto’s eyes.

On the other hand, one cannot pretend to be pro-tradition, since Ciri never suffers from the mutations necessary to actually convert to Witcher during the events of the games, so the purists might want to lose him.

The mod can be downloaded manually using the instructions on its site or by using a mod administrator.

If you’re looking for more changes to The Witcher 3, here are some you can enjoy and as always tricks to get more updates on The Witcher 4.

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