Witch It – Climb the damned ruins without a hook

This guide will teach players how to climb a large building that causes problems in the early stages of the game.


body type

  • For this hunt you need the Body Slam hunter ability for better air control. Combine this with everything of your choice.

Third person method *

* This is only necessary to get to the softer upper part. If you choose to do it in the first person, you will get the same result, but it can happen easier. The first person limits vision and line of sight.

Understand the physics of the body’s stroke

Body Slam has a passive that gives hunters the following benefits:

  • Oops 50% higher
  • 600% more maneuverability in the air

Why is it necessary?

The increased air mobility of the Body Slam will allow you to turn, balance (fly) and move to the appropriate control points to climb the structure. Without him, you can only really do this with a hook or a lot of patience.

Body Slam gives the player a smoother experience when moving in the air. Without him, your mobility in the air is drastically reduced. You will see a side-by-side video comparison.

How to climb the tower

Here is a complete video on how to climb the tower. Start at last!

I hope this video helps those who need it! Greetings and I hope to see more hunters at the top of the tower. I can see you!

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