Why was E3 2022 canceled?

Yesterday we heard the news that ESA will cancel E3 2022. If you are wondering why the body has decided to cancel the annual video game fairwe explain everything you need to know here.

In a nutshell, ESA’s motive for the cancellation of E3 2022 is “so that the organization can concentrate its resources” in the 2023 performance.

While it is expected that E3 will continue this year as yet another digital event, it appears that ESA is now abandoning these plans in favor of dedicating “all our energy and resources to offering a revitalized E3 physical and digital experience next summer” , “according to a statement from ESA delivered to IGN.

The statement continues: “Whether enjoyed from the show floor or from their favorite devices, the 2023 Escape will bring society, the media and industry together in a whole new format and an interactive experience”.

Other than that, ESA has not provided any other justification. Not surprisingly, given last year’s digital presentation, where many editors chose to make their own digital exhibitions outside of what was technically ‘E3’, but within the same week, ESA could have chosen to reduce its losses and wait for health and the security issues behind COVID -19 have been supported so that the commercial fair can personally return to its traditional form.

Will there be an E3 2022 digital glasses?

Unfortunately, as for an ‘official E3 2022’ digital trade show, no, there will not be one. Without a doubt, you can expect most major editors to still have their own escapes, which will be broadcast live in the same week that E3 traditionally takes place in early June.

Hope to see announcements from these editors in the coming weeks as we approach the summer season of popular games.

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