WhosImmortal confirms that the goal for season 3 of Warzone is underway

Throughout Season 3 of Warzone, players are always looking for the next weapon to be measured on the ever-changing metal. With regular updates that include several benefits and nerves, finding the best weapon to use in the Caldera and Rebirth Island is complicated.

With the start of season 4 around the corner, some players believe that regular doses of weapon balance do more harm than good.

Warzone’s content creator, WhosImmortal, even went so far as to say that the current meta is due to recent changes to Raven Software in Battle Royale.

The goal for season 3 of Warzone is “running”

In a July 2 release, the content creator claims that the recent rise in health has hit the target with the vast majority of weapons requiring two or three extra shots to achieve elimination.

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The change means that only a firearm is viable options when it comes to building the best Warzone charge. Compared to previous seasons, the lack of weapon diversity is a step in the wrong direction.

WhosImmortal says that “we do not have weapon updates like this (Non-Vanguard) to make them competitive in 300 health scenarios”, making it a goal that is not “super different”.

One suggestion to correct the problem is to increase the size of the loaders in all the weapons of the Cold War and modern warfare to improve their viability. In addition, it will benefit from increased damage production.

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Along with these suggestions, it is easiest to apply generalized nerves to all Vanguard weapons. Without hesitation, Raven Software often applies modifications to various weapons, so it’s almost certainly a complete revision later in the Pacific.

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