“While the PS5 is dead, the Switch is becoming almost the game industry’s back” ← This tweet is buzzing!The public’s recognition is to be ridiculed as “dead PS5”

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Guys and Persona are coming, so it’s becoming “mostly manageable with the switch”

Feeling that Steam+Xbox and Switch are becoming the best of both worlds

Well, PS5 is selling bang bang, but for some reason the box is placed without being opened.

Please tell me after FF16 and FF7R series and Resident Evil Remake come out on Switch

Gaming PC after all
Gaming PC solves everything

The image that the PC is becoming a receptacle for the rest

Most of the PS5 games are out on PC and PS4, so that’s what it’s like

More than 30% is the momentum that the Xbox series is likely to carry.
Since when did you increase production of Ps5…

It’s becoming a three-way street with Switch, PC, and smartphones.

Xbox “Unsolved”

I can play old games, but I can’t play the latest games…

I wanted a PS5 at first, but it wasn’t sold at all, so I bought a gaming PC.
VALORANT is the best! !

This is what happens when you give in to politics

Moreover, the regulations are not as fussy as Sony, so it’s a blessing.

Inherit the power of all hardware
The king of the game that transcends companies and looks at the past and the future

Well, no matter what the geha brain says, after all, having a switch + PS5 is the strongest. It was good to have both.

Personally, it seems that the PS5 has self-destructed by repeating useless spec upgrades.
As a retro gamer, the biggest reason is that we turned off backward compatibility.

In terms of performance, it’s equivalent to a cheap version that can’t be modded, but if you just want to play the atmosphere, there’s no problem at all, Switch

Even Sony’s game makers are still trying to make a PS4 version because no matter how fun a game might be, it won’t sell if it’s 5…

I play station from playstation

↑ There was a copy saying that all games are gathered here, right?

Why are you repeating the same mistakes as the PS3! What happened to the teaching? The teaching!

I think the current game industry is two tops, Switch and Steam.

It’s been 1 year and 8 months since the PS5 came out?
But it’s a shame that only PS4 software has been released.

I was shocked when I heard that the domestic market share was 80%.

Isn’t it only in Japan?the state

It is highlighted that they are looking for interesting software, not great hardware

It’s just a switch.

In other words, SCE is too obsessed with high performance and high graphics, and completely neglects the user’s point of view…

It’s crazy that Brewai and Marika are still in the sales rankings (vocabulary)

PS5 is a failure of marketing, a failure of sales strategy, the cost of not developing its own content, and so on.

Persona 5 from 6 years ago and Nier from 6 years ago came
I think it’s dangerous to be able to use this as a centerpiece
There will be no new Soul Hackers, Bio, Tales, or FF.

Japan is undoubtedly the strongest Nintendo
I won’t give this seat to the less interesting PS and Xbox

After all, the ps5 is a useless piece of junk.

unfortunately i’m not dead
Because the Japanese are poor, they are just selling to wealthy foreign countries.

Those who enjoy tweeting about the PlayStation making fun of the Nintendo MS don’t have to do Twitter, it’s disgusting

Sentence with a big subject honorable mention

e? What world line are you talking about?

Sega “There seems to have been some hardware that had unparalleled performance, but was unable to supply the product in time and was abandoned by third parties.”

It’s faster to buy a gaming PC than wait to buy a PS5

After all, you can play on Switch for the most part… In the case of Wai, I don’t touch PvP at all, so it’s extra

Does that mean you don’t need ridiculous specs for home video game consoles?

Can we be satisfied with Ps and the leftovers from the box?
You can’t play From Game, Bio, or FF on Switch, can you?

Switch share rate 86%
PS4 share rate 9%
PS5 share rate 4%←www

In the first place, consumer game consoles themselves have become “Isn’t it good for PC?

I’m dropping AAA titles without being able to carry it on my back

This is a bit of an outrageous opinion, and by announcing Japanese software first at their own presentations, most of the games have the image of being exclusive to the switch, but in reality, the third game announced by Nintendo Party-made software is mostly released on PS and PC, so I don’t carry the whole industry.

Tweets that make PS5 stupid are buzzing wwwwww
In other words, the world’s perception has already become like this lol PS5 that has already died wwwwww

No, no, it’s from now on… It’s gradually starting to spread, and FF16 and FF7R are coming out.
Are you not dead at all?Don’t just take responsibility for the game industry…it’s a fabrication, isn’t it?

PS5 is coming! What is the future of PS5?
There will still be games that can only be played on PS5 ah ah ah!

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