While Nijisanji’s Vtuber and Hololive’s Vtuber are expressing their feelings to AI illustrations, they hold an unexpected project

■ Past articles
VTuber fan, posted an illustration drawn by AI as fan art → Popular VTuber “Please draw it yourself;; The quality is too high to notice”

■ Nijisanji’s Vtuber Gwell’s Twitter

One Nijisanji

this is it
Hard-headed Holo is left behind by the times

huh, i think funny

Nijisanji is the strongest

Way to go w

After all, the interesting thing is Nijisanji

What hololive lacks

Holo can’t do this

As expected of a listed company with a market capitalization of 300 billion yen

The rainbow of listed companies is okay in terms of compliance

↑ There is no compliance violation in AI

this flexibility
And it’s fun as a project.

The fact that there are people praising this gives me a headache.

It seems that some of the rainbow painters hate AI paintings.

Well, well… this is about fan art and planning, so the meaning is different
It’s a little bit of a timing to do this on the same day…

There seems to be a difference in opinion on illustration AI …
I think I know what to do next…

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