Which new cryptomoneda has Robinhood added and which cryptomoneda is the next one?

The cryptocurrency platform Robinhood has announced the inclusion of four new cryptocurrencies on its platform, but what happens then? Robinhood new ads but it is not clear.

With new Binance listings and new Coinbase listings continuing to grow every month, Robinhood has put a lot of pressure on adding new crypto activities to its users. And eventually he gave up. After years of campaigning by ShibArmy’s side, Robinhood finally joined Shiba Inu, raising the price of SHIB.

The price of Shiba Inu rose by almost 35% when the commercial platform announced the announcement. Let’s take a look at the new cryptocurrencies that Robinhood recently listed and what’s next.

What new cryptomoneda has Robinhood added?

The commercial platform Robinhood issued a statement on Tuesday, adding that the platform has included Shiba Inu among its cryptocurrency offerings.

In addition, the platform has added three more cryptocurrencies. These are Solana, Polygon and Compound, which are now available for users to switch and modify.

The news that Robinhood had joined SHIB was repeated by the Shiba community, who did not hesitate to comment on Robinhood’s tweets over the months, asking when he would join SHIB.

Although much attention has been paid to the dramatic rise in SHIB prices, it was not the only one. Contrary to the market trend, Polygon as well as Compound increased in price and increased by 7.2% and 26.2% respectively.

The publication of Robinhood’s official blog preceded its recent decision to add new cryptographic tokens. It mentioned the great interest of the users as one of the elements that made them enumerate these cryptocurrencies. Decia:

Over the past year, our cryptocurrency customers have been constantly asked for two things: the ability to send and receive their tokens and a wider selection of cryptocurrencies. We are excited to add more opportunities for our clients as we work to make Robinhood the best place to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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Robinhood’s future ads: Which cryptocurrency is next on Robinhood’s radar?

Robinhood’s cryptographic additions have set fire to the Internet with speculation as to which cryptomoneda tokens will include Robinhood’s next list.

If Robinhood has previously been wary of adding new cryptocurrencies to its platform, the list of these four additional currencies suggests that future cryptocurrencies are open.

While many prominent cryptocurrencies stare at Robinhood, the wave of speculation is particularly strong with those with higher market values. These include Polkadot, Cardano, Terra and Avalanche. Not surprisingly, with Robinhood listing Compound, now the 83rd largest cryptocurrency, more tokens have the option of appearing on the list.

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