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If you like magic, FromSoftware’s ultimate role-playing game has a lot to offer. Abundant puzzles, more than in any previous Souls game, and puzzle launches are generally more efficient and viable from the start of the game. This is especially true if you know where to find the best team of astrologers from the beginning, and this is where a stick in particular is very useful. Here it is Location of the Elden Ring meteorite rod and where to find the Rock Sling gravitya combination that makes you an extremely powerful construction for the beginning of the game.

The meteorite stick is powerful because it has an S-scale of intelligence, which means that astrologers’ constructions benefit enormous damage benefits for each level of intelligence they survive in their construction. Unfortunately, the stick can’t really be updated with the Smithing Stones, but it really doesn’t matter because the S scale compensates for the growth, at least at the beginning of the game.

If you already have or have considered wearing the Semihuman Queen’s Scepter, which is superior to the standard Astrologer’s Scepter, then our advice is that you do not need to update your Herrería Stones. Instead, come up with Meteorite Cane: it is much better, and above all because it increases the damage production of Gravedad hechizos, one of which can be found near its location, which we will also show you later.

Fire Call the location of the meteorite personnel

The meteorite stick is an item that you can take from the beginning of the game after you acquire your mount, Torrent. Requires you to take a long road and avoid many powerful enemies along the way, but it is certainly possible from level 10 or less.

The meteorite rod is found in Caelid, east of Limgrave. Specifically, it is found in the ruins of Calle de los Sabios in the Pantano del Lake Aeonian. This area is extremely dangerous for anyone below level 15 or below. You will not be able to meet the enemies here. Without stopping, don’t worry, all you have to do is get up fast, grab the team and drive to the ground floor.

Fire Ring Rock Sling Gravity Spell Location

From Sitio de Gracia at the mouth of the Eonian Sea, go to the mouth and embrace the left side of the sea, carefully avoiding the enemies that will attack and pursue you. There is a ruin in front of you with stairs leading to a window. If the rat passes at the other end, there is a corpse with an object. This is the Meteorological Stick. Get up, then cabalga quickly and head to the ruins that lie in front of him.

You’re looking for another abandoned ruin on the other side of the cliff. In the middle there are stairs that go down into a cave. Go down there and quickly open the door to reveal a box of Rock Sling hex.

Now that you have both articles, it’s time to start fast! Once you have equipped your new team, you can reap the benefits of this powerful combination of cane and hechizo.

It should give you everything you need to know about it Location of the Elden Ring meteorite rod and where to find the Rock Sling gravity. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver or see our wiki guide for more tips, tricks and information about the game.

If you have a specific question that you cannot find answers to anywhere on the page, do not hesitate to communicate in the comments section later and we will do our best to help.

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