Where to find Sonic in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator – Sonic Location

If you’ve playing Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, you’d like to meet Sonic. Fortunately for you, this guide will tell you exactly where to find sonic with the speed of the beam. The lower the level in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, the faster you will go. So as you can imagine, speed is the key to being able to meet Sonic and unlock him as a character.

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Where’s Sonic in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator?

You will have to fight a bit to meet Sonic in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. This is necessary, in order to meet it, it must have at least level 25. It must be fast enough to catch it in the first place, and without the required speed, it will always be kept out of its reach.

When the game starts, look for an area with a large railing. Up to the railing should have a small blue robot. If you tell them, they will tell you that the Sonic card you want is here. If it seems easy enough to do, there is already a large green lump covered in grass so it can run, you need to have enough speed and impulse to jump from the lump to the end. This is why you need to have at least level 25 before you try it.

Once you have managed to climb the railing, you can click on the Sonic map. And with that, Sonic has been unlocked!

How do I play as Sonic?

It is very easy to switch to Sonic. Just open the character menu and select Sonic. Now you can play as the adorable blue erizo. Bread food!

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