where to find it, how to help Boc and unlock the loan transfer

During the early stages of the Fire Ring, players will head to the Gatefront Ruins on their way to the Roundtable Hold. When exploring the area close to the ruins, players can record a voice asking for help and asking why they are ignoring it. If you are struggling to figure it out where one finds the talking tree of the Elden Ringy how to help the mouththis guide will explain everything you need to know.

Where to find the talking tree in the Fire Ring

From the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace, drive up this road until you find a group of trees and a voice screaming at you.

The specific tree you are looking for are small, red trees. We’ve included a screenshot later, but you’ll also find messages from other players around the floor to help you.

fire ring wood speaks

How to help the tree that speaks in the Fire Ring

Now that you have found the source of the noise, simply press R1 / RT to attack the tree.

Then it becomes a mono, which will explain how a convincing expression turns into a tree. Keep pressing Triangle / Y to talk to mono until all dialog settings are activated.

Find Boc and what you get to help him

After helping one, he will give you 10 hooks, but if you keep talking to him, he will suggest that he can bring a better reward to the players in the cave.

Save and do other things around the world, then visit ‘Cueva Costera’, located on the beach northeast of the island off the west coast of Limgrave. It is also the way you will land on the island southeast of Limgrave where you can use all the Dragon Hearts you have acquired.

location of the cave on the side of the fire ring to find Boc

Go in and you will meet your mono-companion, Boc, completely. He will tell you that he is returning now, on the contrary you will end up as he did. To get to the bottom, remember to rest first in the Site of Grace’s Boc, and then you will meet two semi-human leaders.

beat the half-human leaders in the Elden Ring for Boc

When the bachers arrive, you get Cossing Wage, which you can then dedicate to Boc and deliver.

Unlocked loan transfer in Elden Ring

Later in the game, Boc can be found at the Site of Grace in Lake Liurnia near the entrance to Stillwater Cave. It can also be found at the East Raya Lucaria Gate grazing site, southeast of Bellum Road.

When you meet Boc, I want to thank you for regaining your chess skills again. Now you can change your armor, make it bright and change some of your stats.

opportunity to change the stock in Elden Ring

These will vary depending on the ‘loans’ that Boc has changed.

That’s all you need to know about it Elden Ring’s talking tree y Boc search bar to unlock “modify loads”. For more tips, tricks, and guides for the latest FromSoftware role-playing game, visit our wiki or see more guides later.

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