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Prepare your Waveriders, travelers! Summer Fantasia is here and Genshin’s seasonal events start in style. Let’s take a closer look at the Genshin Impact Event with resonance visionand what we can get from him.

Similar to last year’s summer events, there are themed events with version 2.8 of Genshin Impact. Resonating Visions is great now that you can not only get primogemas and materials, but also the new 4-star Fischl look! The purpose of the event is to collect the artifacts that appear in the Manzana Dorada archipelago and reconstruct the story that unfolds.

If you’re looking for new Genshin Impact content that’s a little closer, check out everything you need to know about Fischl, Klee and Kazuha to get an advantage in the 2.8 banners. Join our list of Genshin Impact codes to get some free Primogems as well.

When does the Resonating Visions event start?

The Resonating Visions event starts on July 15 at 10 GMT +8. Then at 18:00 in England or at 13.00 EST. It runs until August 24, the end of version 2.8. Lots of time to pick up those holes!

What are the requirements to start the event?

To unlock the event, you must have an adventure rating of 32 or higher. You must also play part of the Summertime Odyssey event to get to the Golden Apple archipelago, where corals can be found.

What is the reward of the Resonating Visions event?

In particular, this event will bring us some really useful elements and some extra emotional ones. Here are all the rewards available for completing hits at the Resonating Visions event:

  • Aspect A night sky by Fischl – 4 stars
  • Mora
  • Mysterious best mineral
  • primogemas
  • Talent Rise Materials
  • The hero’s engineer

We are still not sure how many or how many of each article are available; we will update it once it is confirmed.

If you miss the event, you can buy the Fischl look of 1680 Genesis crystals at the Paimon store when it’s done.

Fantastic karakol placements for resonance vision

The Resonating Visions event is about reclaiming Phantasmal Conches scattered around the islands of the Golden Apple archipelago. It will tell a story based on the Genshin tradition and give you some really great rewards, like Fischl’s skin.

Fantastic sculptures tell a story to the extent that the collections through sculptures of images and eco: these projects are amazing images or speak according to what type of sculpture it is.

  • We add the location of the characters when the event is active!

Last summer’s event, Echoing Tales, took place at the same venue at the same time. This event had 18 chapters to find in total, divided into five different chapters.

We can not assume that they will be in the same place as the last event that the Archipelago in the Golden Manzana has had a small image change. We are also sure that there will always be the same amount of scratches.

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