where one gets an early bow

If one of Elden Ring’s classes chooses not to start with a weapon at a distance, he will probably want to know where to place a bow to help him inflict damage on enemies in secret, or in particular rogue enemies. Of course it is possible have an early reverence at the Elden Ring you know where to go.

Get an early bow at the Elden Ring

To pay tribute, head to the beach on the west coast of Limgrave. It is located right next to where it enters the open world for the first time, and can be reached directly to the northwest, right next to Elleh Church, looking for the ramp that goes down to the beach.

where the arch should be placed early in the ring fire

Instead of heading north where the cabin is located, head south and look for a large rock arch. Below you will find one of Elden Ring’s many merchants, and it sells a bow for 600 runes.

to buy the short bow from a reputable grocery store

While you are here, be sure to keep the arrows so you can use your new weapon at a distance. Keep in mind, without limitation, that this short arc has a relatively limited range, so it is not as viable at long distances or for those who really want to eliminate enemies from great distances.

Aim and use the bow

Equip the bow in one of your weapon lines to open the “Equipment” menu and then select one of the weapon lines. Select its arc and now you can equip it by pressing it left or right on the d-pad, depending on which hand it is equipped with.

Now press L1 / LB / RMB to move with your bow, then press R2 / RT / LMB to stop it.

That’s all you need to know about where one can pay reverence early in the Elden Ring. For more tips, tricks and tutorials, visit our wiki or see more of our handy tutorials on the latest FromSoftware in the future.

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