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After a long wait, Elden Ring finally gets its official launch this month. It is a study collaboration between From Software and George RR Martin, who participated in the writing of the game’s story and helped build the world. There are also tons of familiar techniques that return to Souls games, along with some familiar ones. Here it is where to find parks in the Elden Ring.

Patches are a recurring character in Soulsborne games. You can recognize it as Patches the Hyena from Demon’s Souls, or as the exciting Patches the Spider in Bloodborne. He is also back in this game and it continues as always.

Find parks in Elden Ring

  • Once in Limgrave and having access to the open world, head northwest and pass the Site of Grace of the Gatefront Ruins.
  • You are looking for a small stream between the culverts and there you will find a mazmorra called Murkwater Cave.

    We have included a screenshot and then to indicate the exact location on the map.

  • Remove the mazmorra and clear the snow, then open the chest in the center of the arena to unravel a pile of jefes with Patches.

    Patches is armed with a large shield and an alabard, which gives him a significant defense and a chance. Without limitations, it also has low enough HP, so concentrate on keeping your distance and wait to finish your combo before approaching the attack.

  • Mata o no a Patches, the choice is yours.

    Once you have removed more than half of your HP, patches will appear and disappear. Stop attacking it and wait for the Enemy’s dropped message to appear on the screen. You can also choose to kill it if you wish so that you can access the items that will be sold with a Bell Bearing item being sold. We have explained this in advance.

    fire parks

  • Talk to Patches to unlock it as a trader.

    After the match, you will need to teleport to another location in Gracia and then return, which will take some time to install.

  • After this meeting, you can return to the Cave of Aguasturbias at any time to purchase items from Parches. There is a cookbook for sale, as well as the useful article Grilled by Margit, which will be very useful in yet another series of chefs.

    Later, Patches will camp at the Scenic Isle Site of Grace on the south side of Liurnia’s Swamp and will give you a clue about an enemy you will encounter in academia. Or no, it’s Patches after all.

    Then Patches wandered into the interior of the Volcano Manor, located in Mt. Forget it.

    Parks of the Second Reunion: The Treasure Chest of Murkwater Cave

    If you leave Patches, you will mention another treasure chest in the cave that contains a valuable bottle. When it opens, you activate a transport trampoline and you will find a roller coaster in the middle of Mistwood.

    You can not travel fast, so call it Torrent and go to a Gracia site to eliminate the inconvenience you applied for. After that, the next time he makes parks at Murkwater Cave or the Scenic Isle Site of Grace, he will comment on this.

    What to do with the Patches watch if it hurts

    If you hit Patches in the Fire Ring, you will lose a leather armor and a spear, like the Bell Bearing of Patches.

    Once you have access to the Roundtable Hold, go and work with the Twin Maidens here and deliver the bell bearing. This allows you to buy all the items that Patches will sell if you do not have them dead.

    That’s all you need to know about where to find parks in the Elden Ring. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver or see our wiki guide for more tips and information about the game.

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