When’s the next banner?

Asks when Genshin Impact banner calendar will you welcome them to the next mass bondad gacha? Hoyoverse’s megaexito continues to launch new characters every few months, and it looks like that will be the case at least until August at this pace.

If personal information and execution dates can always change, we have a solid idea of ​​what to expect and enough information to wonder what will sell next. This guide explains everything we know about the upcoming Genshin Impact charters, including the characters from the five and four stars we can look forward to.

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Genshin impact banner calendar

At least if there are delays or unexpected changes, we will indicate here when the next banners will be published.

  • Genshin Impact Flag 2.7: from 10 May to 20 June
  • Genshin Impact Flag 2.8: from 21 June to 2 August
  • Genshin Impact Flag 2.9: Unknown

There is still uncertainty as to whether there will be a 2.9 or whether Hoyoverse will switch directly to the Sumeru and 3.0 update.

What is the current Genshin Impact standard?

The current banner is the second part of update 2.6 and presents the first iteration of Ayaka. Sayu and some other popular four-star characters also appeared. Mistsplitter Reforged is at the forefront of the weapons standard along with a useful five-star Claymore, albeit situationally.

What is the next Genshin Influence Law?

The next banner is the first set of Genshin Impact 2.7 banners, which in theory will be launched around May 10th. The five-star character is Yelan, a hydroarco-user, and the new four-star character is Kuki Shinobu, an Electro. a sword that heals and shines with its skills.

The weapons standards have not yet been revealed, although it is almost a fact that the Aqua Simulacra arch appears in the first, which is practically built for Yelan. A free weapon will potentially be in play off the board, though there is no news on Kuki Shinobus’ sword.

The Genshin impact banners of the future

The future is a bit turbulent after that time. Ubatcha’s dominant wisdom says there will be no new five-star ratings until Sumeru launches sometime during the summer. Not surprisingly, according to reports, an Inazuman figure is still awaiting his release: Heizou, a detective from the Tenryou Commission.

Very little is known about him, including his real appearance. Hoyoverse could delay the launch of Heizou after the first mass of Sumeru characters.

We will keep this chronology of Genshin Impact banners updated with any new learning from the upcoming beta release and beyond, but for now, check out the Genshin Impact level list to see which ones accumulate in April.

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