When will Returnal: Ascension Free Co-op Update be launched?

Returnal was originally launched for PS5 in early 2021 and received tons of elogios and critical elogios for its battles and fast rhythms. The Rogue-lite game has received some updates since then, along with some improvements in quality of life, but Housemarque has just announced its biggest free update to date: Ascension. Here’s everything you need to know about Return: Ascension launch date and when you can expect it to drop.

When does Returnal: Ascension begin?

Update 3.0, also known as Ascension, will launch 22. of March. That means we have less than two weeks to see new content in Returnal, which allows players to return to immerse themselves in this exciting world of fiction science and see the new Tower of Sísifo.


One of the main features of Returnal: Ascension is the introduction of a collaborative mode. If this game still experiments better as a single player adventure, players will be able to access a new Chronosis portal near the entrance to join or organize a public game, or start a session with a friend.

In collaborative mode, players will have the opportunity to revive the rest when falling, and will also be able to explore Atropos in a much more efficient way.

Sísifo Tower

In addition to the new collaboration mode, Ascension also presents the Sisyphus Tower, which is basically an endless mode for Returnal.

In Tower of Sisyphus you will have the challenge of surpassing as many levels as possible in a way that increases the difficulty level. According to Housemarque, the Sísifo tower has no end, which means your goal is simply to see how far you can go before you finally catch up with your enemies.

Return: Ascension will be available for free on March 22 for all users. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver or see our wiki guide for more information about the game.

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