When is Konami’s Indie Games Connect 2022?

It may have been a while, but it seems that Konami has always been interested in the gaming area. The Japanese company is looking to connect as many players as independent developers this coming summer with an event hosted by PlayStation support.

Date for Konami Indie Games Connect 2022

Konami Indie Games Connect 2022 takes place on June 26th at the Konami Creative Center in Ginza, Tokyo.

Interested developers can now register their interest in assisting at the event and there are no costs involved. The same will happen with visitors, with more details on admission by coming. A list of all the games that will be shown will also be launched in early May.

Konami Indie Games Connect 2022 will have more sections that will arouse interest. The Independent Games Exhibition will be the place where visitors can experience the work of their own developers. There will also be a forum for exhibitors on game development, with professional comments. Finally, this game developer seminar is led by Shuhei Yoshida, Director of the Sony Interactive Entertainment Independent Developers Initiative.

Given that Sony Interactive Entertainment is the only sponsor at the Platinum level, it makes sense that they are very involved in the event. Konami’s other Indie Games Connect 2022 sponsors include Kodansha, Shueisha, GINZA Sports Studio, and Unity Technologies.

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