When does the new season begin?

After weeks of teasers finally confirming the arrival of Godzilla and King as part of Operation Monarch, Warzone Season 3 is back on the corner for the emotions of gamers looking forward to all the opportunities that Raven Software has reserved.

The Pacific era of Battle Royale will arrive at the end of its cycle and will include a range of new weapons and armor that will arrive in the arsenal, in addition to Hernández joining the operator list.

With a launch date set for April 27, many are beginning to wonder when they will start implementing the update during that day. Interestingly, Activision has shared information on when players can expect to implement the update for season 3. Find out everything you need to know about the update time for Warzone season 3 in this handy guide.

When does Warzone season 3 start?

According to Activision, season 3 begins at. 17.00 BST (9.00 PT / 12.00 ET) on 27 April. This is exactly the moment when the Battle Royale update is activated.

Previous seasons of content after launch have allowed players to pre-update the update a few days before launch, which means they can jump right in as soon as six o’clock.

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How to get the update for season 3 of The Warzone

PlayStation users can pre-order the update before starting the action. The update should appear automatically, but if the game’s mosaic does not appear, press ‘Start’ and then select ‘Check for updates’. This will enable download and launch.

To speed up the process, put your console to sleep and use a wired internet connection to ensure that nothing interferes with the download.

Warzone Pacific season 3 update size

Details about the size of the update for season 3 have not yet emerged, but with the update of Vanguard weighing 10.7 GB, we can expect the update of Warzone to get a similar size. It is very likely that PC players will need a lot of extra space for the update to be downloaded correctly.

Once we’ve found out more about the size of the Warzone Season 3 update, we’ll update this guide with all the latest information you need to know.

Content of Season 3 of Warzone Pacific

Season 3 brings a huge amount of content to Battle Royale, which goes from the epic Godzilla and Kong-themed operator design to the Nikita AVT rifle.

In addition, the update presents a large amount of changes to the Caldera map that are likely to change the game’s overall rhythm along with instantaneous changes in the francotirador rifles with an intention to give life to the long-range metajuego. During the season, more content, including new operators and the H4 Blixen ammeter subfusil (SMG).

That’s all there is to know about the launch of the Warzone Season 3 update. For more information, check out our dedicated page filled with the latest news, filters and equipment guides for Battle Royale from Call of Duty.

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