When does Exoprimal (New Dino Crisis) start?

Exoprimal is a new Capcom game that is NOT Dino Crisis. No, hold on, I know what you’re thinking and this is not Dino Crisis, do you agree? Yes, you’re going to fight dinosaurs with mechanical clothes, but let’s face it, it’s completely different. By all means, if you’re here, you’re probably asking When does Exoprimal (New Dino Crisis) start?? This is what you need to know.

Exoprimal Release Date (New Dino Crisis)

Announced on Sony PlayStation State of Play on March 9, Exoprimal is a new large-scale Capcom game in the classic Dino Crisis series. I’m not sure why Capcom does not want to capture some of that nostalgia for its marketing. But what do I know?

As of now, there is no set release date for Exoprimal. Without restrictions, it has a start window. Currently, the launch date for Exoprimal is set for 2023. A fairly wide selection, we know, but it’s the best there is right now. When Capcom decides to give us a firmer release date for Exoprimal, we will make sure to update this guide.

exoprimal new dino crisis launch date

It is quite likely that it will be launched this year and there is always the possibility that it will retire. So it counts and hopes that this new game inspired by Dino Crisis will be launched at least in 2023.

This is all you need to know for the question: When does Exoprimal (New Dino Crisis) start?. As we learn more about this new game offered by Capcom, we will update this post.

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