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The competition scene in Warzone continues to grow to the extent that tournament organizers organize a series of events featuring great prizes and the best players ever. As season 4 approaches, Activision has shared details of a collaboration with Amazon Prime Video.

The tournament is sponsored by The Terminal List, a new TV series starring Chris Pratt as Navy SEAL. Instead of showcasing the best North American and European talent, Terminal List Warzone Tournament is an invitation event where the best players from Australia and New Zealand participate.

Find all the information about The Terminal List Warzone tournament, including the teams that will take part in the event along with the prize pool in our center.

How to watch the Terminal Warzone tournament

When Activision hosts the tournament, the tournament will take place July 2, 2022.

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You can watch all the action on the Call of Duty Twitch channel, which we have continuously included, so you do not miss anything from the action.

The prize bag in the Terminal List tournament

Players will compete for a portion of the $ 20K in prizes. The exact details of how the money will be distributed between the teams have not yet emerged.

When we know more details, we will update the article.

Terminal List Warzone Tournament Players

The teams to take part in the tournament have not yet emerged, but we can expect to be among the best players in the APAC region.

Be sure to return later for the latest information.

Terminal list for tournament rewards

With Prime Video sponsoring the tournament, you can earn some rewards by watching Warzone in action. Prime Video subscribers must enter their accounts where they can earn rewards in the game.

That’s all there is to know about The Terminal List Warzone Tournament. For more information, see our page for the latest news, filters and guides.

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