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The world of the tunic is full of mysteries that players must solve. The game does not take you by the hand, but now and then you need to occasionally open an instruction manual in the game that will remember those who received it in the 90s and early 2000s, which contained small tips on how the different techniques worked. One of the first mysteries you will have to try to solve turns around Technical gold coinsspecifically what they use in the game and how you can use them.

What to do with gold coins in engineering

Given the gaps that are things in Tunics (until you have the correct page in the instruction manual), you are likely to wonder what to do with these ingenious currencies. If the equipment is used in most places, our sympathetic zorro protagonist will screw it up before returning to see it.

Instead, it wants to carry a gold coin to one of the many stocks distributed around the world. When next to one, press the button where the coin is placed and it catches the box before a bright light shines.

When you have three coins stuck in your pockets, you get an extra “card” slot where you can equip an extra “better” item.

to make gold coins in tunics

All gold currency updates

As shown on page 20 of the game’s instruction manual, additional ‘cards’ will be unlocked after loading the following amount of gold coins:

Rental of gold currency

Gold coins can be found in treasure chests all over the world. The contents of these boxes are varied and may contain articles to enhance other consumables, but in our experience this is the most important way to earn gold coins in the technique.

golden corner melody

Alternatively, you can visit the exciting NPC merchant skeleton in the windmill just west of where it starts and buy them for 999 of the currency without the name of the game. Without restrictions, as you can use this to permanently update your stats, this should not be your top priority.

That’s all you need to know about these mysteries Gold coins. Be sure to search for dlprivateserver for more tips and tricks.

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