what number can you enter in the SOS installation (Spoilers)

Aproximadamente a la mitad de la historia de Horizon Forbidden West, you will receive an SOS message at your base. Aloy reveals the coordinates and sets out to find the source of the SOS signal, eventually finding a base. In the interior, you will have to introduce something Horizon Forbidden West podcast number en las instalaciones de SOS to continue with the story and in this guide we will explain exactly what that number is and how you can verify it yourself.

We must remember here that the installation it is aimed at is not actually called ‘Instalación SOS’. Solo nos referimos a él así to avoid spoilers. The ‘SOS’ part just refers to the fact that it was a help message that led to the location that started with SOS.

Qué numero de pod ingresador en la installation SOS en Horizon Forbidden West

The pod number to enter into the system is 237.

the emergency with the number of pod 237 enumerado en el horizon prohibited al oeste

This is revealed in the opening scene and can also be confirmed by pressing the touch pad to open the various game menus and then tab to Notebook. In the ‘Data Points’ section, go to ‘Text Data Points – Misiones’ and look for the message Señal de socorro. Inside the contents you will find the number ‘237’ on the list.

Typing 237 into the terminal will trigger a cutscene that continues searching for the main story. We will not share any specific details about the source of the signal or the nature of the installation itself. This is for you to enjoy all as part of the Horizon Forbidden West experience.

Todo lo que diremos está prepared for a cool fight, de que se complete scene disappears. There are a lot of consumables and hidden items scattered around the room, so use them to heal and create powerful ammo to make the fight a little easier.

That’s all you need to know about cuál es el nummero de capsule que debe ingresador en la ‘instalación SOS’ en Horizon Forbidden West. To get more consejos, trucos y guías, diríjase a nuestra wiki or vea más de nuestra cobertura sobre el juego a contiguando.

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