What new updates and features are coming to Cardano?

Cardano is set to keep changing over the coming year, with the Cardano Roadmap introducing new capabilities and features to the network.

Cardano and its ADA token is another cryptocurrency that will experience a drastic price increase during 2021. As with the launch of Ethereum 2.0, Cardano will experience several changes in 2022.

With Cardano now in its third phase after Byron and Shelley, when will the next update be launched?

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Following the complete launch of the Cardano Gogue in late 2021, along with the harsh bifurcation of Cardano Alonzo’s core network, the next step on the Cardano route is the Basho update.

Cardano Basho’s era will hope to improve the scalability of the network and add side chains to ease the pressure on the main chain. It is expected to go into operation sometime in 2022.

Not surprisingly, the most immediate update on the Cardano Vasil route is hard bifurcation, which is expected to reduce the cost of large transactions.

After the Cardano Basho era, the last phase of the network is Voltaire. This phase of management will introduce a voting and financial system that will allow rightholders to have a more direct influence on the decentralized network, according to Cardano’s IOHK management.

In addition to this, Cardano Hydra Layer-2 will expect to improve the scale by increasing the number of transactions per second on the network.

Cardano Djed, the network’s algorithmically stable currency, is also scheduled to launch later this year.

Latest Cardano updates

Cardano’s website receives frequent updates related to the latest developments on the network.

The latest update on April 21 brings a brief update of the Hydra L2, indicating that the Hydra team “added functionality to the Hydra node that allows it to start following the chain at some point in the past and recover from possible closures” or problems. “

It also provides more information on the preparation for Vasil’s hard bifurcation and confirms that it will produce a “10% increase in block size” that will improve the main network.

These updates also provide some statistics on projects using Cardano, which has grown dramatically since the launch of Cardano Smart Contracts. 910 projects are under construction in Cardano, with more than 5,000 Cardano NFT projects also available.

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