What is the best way to track the progress of your game?

Finish a single player game, accumulate credits and find something new to play. So that’s really how it is? While we are in a constant stream of new launches, it is sometimes tempting to go and get to the games without hesitation to look at the experiences we have had in the past. In fact, follow-up on its game history is a phenomenon that is notoriously little discussed in society. The cinema has Letterboxd, the books have Goodreads, but what is the equivalent of the games?

I have always wanted to keep track of the media I use. It’s a strange peculiarity that sometimes goes to extremes, but making malabarism with archives of movies, programs, books, and other media that I use is something I enjoy doing; an opportunity to remember old favorites and relive the shortest slice of memories that evoke. That’s part of the reason I simply love games for a single player: there’s not much that excites me so much as marking a game that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, finally being able to participate in the discussion about that. Do you know how hard it would have been to avoid the spoilers from Resident Evil Village when you were still pony dome during the day, opening a path through Jake’s RE6 campaign? Dear reader, these were difficult times.

But it seems that this level of follow-up of previously completed games is not as ubiquitous as in other media forms. Therefore, I decided to research it a bit more, not only by evaluating the (probably stupid) form where I brought a record of my game history, but also to see what other members of the Pro Game Advice team are doing.

The method for the calculation table

So how do I keep track of the games I have completed? Well, my method is certainly a bit attractive, but completely agree with my lack of creative direction. Instead of using good sites with a visual mentality or extensive databases, shoot everything on a concise Google page and hope for the best. This is without a doubt on the way forward, because a few months ago, all of my game history was hosted on my phone’s Notes application.

The following is a picture of white background and a poorly adjusted box that holds all the precious memories that I enjoyed. By the way, you have the title of each game, followed by a view each time more disordered by the platform than I played it. The days of compatibility with previously ubiquitous versions and relays have proven to be a disaster that required a suffix ‘bc’ to indicate that nothing was played on its original console. Did EA suddenly launch a next generation version of Battlefield: Hardline? No, I finally found the motivation to review it half a decade after the first purchase.

Then there is a short column describing how many times I played each game, which I have to say is one of my favorite inclusions. Sometimes reproducing an old favorite may seem like diluting, not cutting the frames every time most of the work tree is delayed, but noticing another repetition feels less productive when I can register it in my calculator practice.

Apparently the main problem is how visually less attractive a block of text is, especially when the art of the box is something so beautiful. The giant to record their movie excursions is without a doubt Letterboxd, and its first plan for a movie card is one of the most attractive features. An elevated calculation table undoubtedly does not have the same charm, and this is where some of the other options come into play.

The alternatives

It could be said that the most popular Letterboxd-style game tracking resource is GG, a site that allows you to record your completed games, current escapes and accumulation of such importance that you will always have to cut. Everything that is missing in my humble calculator, GG seems to have the answer: cool game art charts, different sections depending on how the story is finished or the list is completed to 100%, and an almost infinite archive of almost all the games. If you really want to bring a register of your games, it’s most likely that you’ve used the site at some point, and even though it’s running out, some of our own members have tried it too. Is that the only downside, in my humble opinion? You can not register a game as a repetition. I wish people knew how many times I played Batman: Arkham City, damn it!

There is also Backlogged, an Android application that could say that it has more features than GG. In addition to the various shelves and charts, you can also see the average completion time for each game, a feature coded and dominated by HowLongToBeat, as well as how to select the platform you played on. The cute platforms! There is something really satisfying about being able to look at which console you played a game in, so doing it through Backlogged is a useful feature. The only downside is that the only platforms that appear are PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We cross our fingers to get a representation of PS2 in a future update.

Without hesitation, you will probably find that most people do not bother to follow compulsively every time they accumulate credits in a game. Just as not everyone goes straight to Califica your music after finishing the new Harry Styles album, it’s also perfectly reasonable to finish a game, process it, and move on. For many of those who spoke in Pro Game Tips, there is more usefulness and affordability to make a track of the games you want to play, rather than those that come before.

Ahí is where the beauty of the old market in a reliable range of useful results. From Steam to PlayStation Store and the resilient Nintendo eShop, all of these sites give you plenty of options to create your own wish list. Best of all, if you have something persistent on your list for a while, you will be fascinated by receiving a notification when you go on sale. Every time I see the failed multiplayer loss game of 2016, Umbrella Corps, reduced to £ 3, the temptation to buy back a little stronger returns. Then I look at the game for ten seconds and pretend I’m never gone.

But having your entire wish list gathered on the same portal where you can buy a game is a really useful feature. For those who are not too busy to remember what happened before, but who prefer to look ahead, it is the best way to be aware of so many upcoming launches and future purchases, with the assurance that no one will behalf. If you do not bother to make the games you have played before, it is most likely that you are as much as what is on your radar. You simply do not have to make a request in advance for all the games that you have expressed interest in, so hope until you take reseñas before canceling or leaving with it. That’s what a relative of a team member does, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

With so many options available, there does not seem to be a single way players can keep track of their pending work and files. Some applications have caused controversy among the purists, while other prehistoric relics like mine will keep updating their calculations until the typical day when Google shuts down its servers. If not everyone remembers your game story the same way, it’s about the trip, not the destination, right?

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