What is Optimism Layer-2 and when is the next Optimism Aidrop?

It seems that we are in the air launch season and that the Ethereum Layer-2 solution after the launch of the Luna 2.0 air launch escalated the solution An air of optimism it took success in early June.

On June 1, nearly 249,000 registered users received the newly launched Optimism token via airdrop.

The company has confirmed that it will soon launch another air launch event for users who miss the first air launch. This is how users can claim newly launched OP tokens.

What is Layer-2 Optimism?

Optimism Layer-2 is an efficient Ethereum ladder solution that helps reduce transaction costs in the Ethereum blockchain.

Optimism implements a special mechanism where it uses optimistic resumes to merge multiple cryptographic transactions into one and then start that transaction with another blockchain for subsequent processing.

Using the data condensing technique, it then sends the receipts for the return transaction to Ethereum, which helps people perform Ethereum transactions at a significantly lower cost.

Sheet 2 solutions are considered to be a good way to reduce transactions in Ethereum. There are already several others while Shiba Inu plans to launch its own Shibarium L2.

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How to claim OP tokens from Optimism Layer 2?

To claim Optimism Layer 2 OP tokens, a user must:

  • Confirms the user’s eligibility through the Optimism website.
  • Add optimism to your MetaMask ticket through the Chainlist and connect online.
  • If you are eligible to apply, you will need to fill in some details, such as your ticket and credentials.
  • Users will also need to answer some questions about the Labor Constitution and submit their tokens before claiming that their free tokens have been released from the air.

When is the next air launch of optimism?

After the first airdrop, Optimism has confirmed that it will perform another airdrop, called Drop # 2.

Without delay, no date has yet been set for the upcoming Optimism Airdrop. The next step, according to Optimism, will be a “comprehensive retrospective” of the experience gained from airdrop. This was to happen within the next week.

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