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If Fortnite can be one of the biggest games in the world, it does not always work without problems and you may have some issues with the server that generates error messages. Especially one that can escape is Error “Activation key download error” from Fortniteand here we will explain what it is and what can be done to solve it in any case.

What’s wrong with downloading the activation key?

This error can occur when trying to start a session on Fortnite servers. When this error appears, they will be prompted to start a session immediately, and in return, players will receive the same message over and over again, which will prevent them from playing.

‘Llavero de activos’ that the bug refers to is essentially all purchases, items, masks and V-Bucks associated with your Fortnite account. Everything that has been bought in the art shop and unlocked in Pases de batalla is part of ‘Llavero de activos’ in his account.

Bug fix ‘Download error activates key’ in Fortnite

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to correct the error.

This bug usually means that Epic Games is having problems with the servers or that there is a bug that needs to be fixed with a revision.

All you can do is settle for less that your full potential. Given that the game is one of the greatest in the world, Epic Games usually puts the highlights on any issue like this.

In the meantime, you can always check your Fortnite State’s Twitter account or Fortnite server status page to see if the developer is having any issues at all.

That’s all you need to know about Error “Activation key download error” from Fortnite. For more information on the game, including the latest bug fixes and fixes to the game like Parkour last season, be sure to search on dlprivate server or click on the links to continue.

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