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Warzone’s Season 3 is back around the corner, and like previous seasons of content after launch, players will open their way through 100 new content levels as part of Season 3’s battlefield. The pass contains many new additions, including many new weapons and a new operator known as Mateo Hernandez.

In addition to the recent reviews, players can win exclusive cosmetic items when they reach level 100, the last level on Battlefield. As always, the articles available in the upper part of the passage are in the Legendary category.

With many high-level rewards in the game, players will spend a lot of time crossing the Battle Pass to win some amazing cosmetics for use in Warzone and Vanguard. Here it is, find out what the level 100 mascara is on the battlefield in season 3 and how to get it in this guide.

What is the appearance of 100 levels of Warzone season 3?

According to a Call of Duty blog post highlighting a large amount of content arriving as part of Battlefield, the level 100 mask is known as Ancestral Spirit and is available to operator Daniel de Vanguard. With a black, red and gold samurai armor, this leather in particular is one of the best that appeared during the Pacific era. Here is a complete list of the available content along with the 100-level aspect:

  • Aspect of Daniel’s legendary ‘Ancestral Spirit’
  • Legendary assault rifle plan for ‘Anfibio Empire’
  • Duelist master title, season 3 emblem and Necrogaze amulet

How to unlock the 100-level aspect of Season 3 of Warzone

There are various forms that players can use to unlock the level 100 aspect of Warzone. The most obvious method is to play the game and move through the levels. This is a time consuming process, so we recommend waiting for it to occur in the event of a dual Battlefield XP event or using a dual Battlefield XP token that you have saved.

If you are not a fan of cooking, the following method may interest you. Once you have purchased Battle Pass, you can purchase individual levels for a price of 100 COD points. This way is very expensive, but if you do not have time to play regularly, it is a sure way to earn 100 level rewards before season 3 ends.

  • Lee mas: Operation Monarch Warzone Event: Everything We Know

Is Warzone Season 3 worth the pain?

If you’re a fan of collecting Warzone’s unique weapon designs and masks, it’s worth spending your COD points on the battlefield in season 3. As always, the first 30 content levels are free, so you can choose by updating at any time during season.

With a lot on offer, including some epic 100 level rewards, I recommend buying Battlefield in Season 3.

That’s all there is to know about the arrival of the level 100 aspect as part of the battlefield in season 3 of Warzone. For the latest information, check out our dedicated page that presents the latest news, filters, and equipment guides for Battle Royale by Call of Duty.

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