what is GAL and where to buy Project Galaxy

El galaxy project Tokenet (GAL) has attracted a lot of attention since its unveiling, but what is it and where can you buy Project Galaxy?

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange continues to add new Binance lists to expand its already significant list of cryptocurrencies relative to Coinbase’s new lists.

And now the stock market has united elsewhere to list the new cryptocurrency called Project Galaxy (GAL). Let’s take a look at what this token is.

Galaxy Token Project: What’s GAL?

Named one of the world’s largest Web3 credential data networks, Project Galaxy is an open and collaborative network that allows projects / developers to use their credentials to create new applications and products.

This credentials are defined as a chain of behavioral data that can be used to create better products.

Data hackers have the right to receive new rewards once the project credentials are used in the application mode, the application modules, the Oracle credentials engine and the Galaxy credentials API.

GAL serves as a token of governance that nourishes the Galaxy Project ecosystem and can be used to “incentivize user participation”.

Along with that, the token constitutes several usage cases, including acting as a primary token that controls the protocol, in addition to being used by developers to pay prices while gaining access to the protocol in general.

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Where can I buy the GAL token?

The Project Galaxy GAL token can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Its launch as much in Binance as in Coinbase, even in the more experimental sections, caused the price to disappear from the list.

In addition to Binance and Coinbase, GAL is available on other popular exchanges, such as KuCoin, MEXC and FTX.

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