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Destiny 2 Witch Queen is finally here and brings many additions to the game, including a new campaign, more mechanics and game features, and, of course, more gear. Lamentablymente, algunos jugadores experienced problems al attempt to sumergirse en el nuevo contenido. Aquí está cómo arreglar el código de error de jabalí en Destiny 2 Witch Queenjunto con lo que significa.

How to fix the Jabalí error code in Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Desajuste de la region

One of the reasons why the error code seems to occur is that the region does not match between the user account and the Destiny 2 game, which means that the account and the game may be from different regions.

These are the steps to follow to fix the Jabalí error code if the lack of randomness in the region is a problem:

  • Before starting the game, you need to create a new account.

    Make sure the region of the new account is the same as the region of the game.

  • Launch Destiny and download the necessary updates for the game.

    Destiny 2 splash screen

  • Cierra la session de esta nueva cuenta y luego vuelve a tu original cuenta.
  • Inicia Destiny last time.
  • Share a red console

    Cause of error code related to the console. The error can occur on more than two consoles using the same account trying to connect to Destiny at the same time.

    The PlayStation and Xbox portal is only a few times so you can disable the system.

    Reinstall Destiny 2

    The most basic solution to this error is to do the classic uninstall and then reinstall again. You can try this if the other options don’t seem to work.

    These troubleshooting steps come directly from Bungie’s help page on their website, so they should work if you encounter this specific error.

    That’s all you need to know about cómo arreglar el código de error de jabalí en Destiny 2 Witch Queen. Si está buscando consejos, trucos y other información sobre la expansion, puede consultar nuestra wiki de Witch Queen.

    También puede echar un vistazo a los artículos relacionadas a contenido para ver más de nuestra cobertura de Destiny, including information about the new exotic equipment for witches, hunters and titans.

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