“What can you do with monthly billing? Isn’t it a waste?” → Here is the perfect answer wwwwww

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Straight and wonderful without justifying it with beautiful things

This is 100 points

i saw this live

I saw this in real time lol

I saw this in real time. He spoke like an otaku, but he seemed like a nice person.

How about talking about other people’s values…
It’s up to you what to use the money you earn yourself?
So whether that person is happy or unhappy is their own responsibility…
No one has the right to say this!

I often say, “Isn’t it better to eat something delicious with that money?”

This is real! ! !
Eating delicious food, playing your favorite games, sleeping, paying bills, these are all the same act of “satisfying your desires”!
Yaruo jumps out of the ground Gogogo

If nothing interferes with your life, you should do what you like
Life is a waste of time until you die!
Congrats to my husband who won't do it Think with common sense!

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