What a great painting “Aftermath”, a psychic thriller to be launched in 2022

The Italian developer One O One game y META Publishing has today unveiled its upcoming psychiatric thriller, Aftermathfor PC, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, underwent an exclusive 2-minute teaser trailer.

Aftermath tries to throw the players to one the world driven by narrative more than the unthinkable. Designed to ask: what would humanity do before such a situation?

The game follows Charlie Gray, a former European astronaut who fights for the rest of society in search of his daughter. Inspired by its narrative breakthrough, Aftermath dives into philosophy and psychology, based on the One O One team’s past experience in games such as “The Suicide of Rachel Foster”.

Players will meet in a new territory that respects systems like creation and struggle, things that they tend to get acquainted with quickly if they want to survive the threat that occupies the world and that they hunt. This threat to another world comes from the mind of the Italian visual artist, Alessandro Bavari, the creator of other works such as Alien: Covenant by Ridley Scott and Suspiria. Players will be required to think with originality when it’s time to survive.

With an original soundtrack that includes music from people like UNKLE and Planet Funk, all aspects of the game’s creation promise to take players into the infernal and desolate world of Aftermath.

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