Webzen from home for its annual Christmas event

WEB has today announced the opening of its annual Christmas Eve event for its online games: MU Online, C9, Flyff y Rappelz.

From today until December 31, 2019 (UTC), the entire Webzen.com portal will celebrate the Christmas season with all Webzen users. To make this Christmas season very special, WEBZEN will be hosting Facebook events and gifts, great gaming events, special recharge deals and a Christmas gold exchange event.

During the Christmas season, players are invited to visit the official website to receive a special gift at the end of the Christmas gold collection. Players can collect gold from their socks every day to prepare for Santa’s gift and then exchange the gold for special rewards. Different rewards will be awarded according to the amount of gold collected during the event. To receive more Christmas gold, players can visit the official Facebook page and sign up for one of Webzen’s games.

In addition to the website, all Webzen games host their own special Christmas-themed events in the game. MU Online players are invited to the most amazing Santa Claus age in MU’s world. With this event, players can receive more buffs, a snowball ring and the most beautiful “Rudolph” mascot. In addition, players will have the opportunity to receive a mysterious gift box or a love box during the event period.

From December 17, C9 players will be able to pick up ornaments from event monsters and exchange them for special items. This event is extended until the end of December.

In Flyff, players can rent the Traviesa Gift Box to receive a ticket. This file can be exchanged for the Christmas gift box 2019 or Copo de Nieve Dorado by various Christmas events, which can then be exchanged for Christmas-themed rewards.

Rappelz will take on an in-game event called “The War of the Elves” where players will be assigned to one of the two teams, “Rebeldes” or “Leales”, and monsters will hunt in Calabozos in the Christmas Valley to pick up toys and win the war. Interested players are invited to visit the official website for more information: http://www.webzen.com/events/Holidays2019

To continue sharing the Christmas spirit, Webzen will host numerous races and competitions on his official Facebook page with a number of game elements, such as Talisman of Ascension II, Wings of Angel and Devil, Palladium Joker Chest, Red Seraphim Wings and Change Awakening Scroll. Wcoin, the virtual currency used to buy items in the game, will also be given away on the site.

In addition, up to 30% recharge bonus and additional recharge rewards will be available during the 22 full days of the Christmas event.

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