Webzen announces its launches in 2018

Webzen is popular in the mobile device market

WEB today launched a press wheel in Korea, to present the launches they want to bring to market globally during 2018. The launches are centered on games for mobile devices, social networks and HTML.

The Korean company has announced plans to expand its spectrum offers services of games which spans various genres, such as sports, strategy, CIS and MMORPG, which strengthens its presence in the global market.

The first presentation was ‘MU Origin 2’, direct successor of ‘MU origin’ , a highly successful MMORPG for mobile devices around the world. It will offer improved graphics, as well as a new game system, quality and a great expansion of content compared to MU Origin.

WEB also announced plans to expand the sports genre through the game of golf to mobile devices ‘Shot Online Golf: World Championship’, the first spin-off of golf MMO for pc ‘Shot Online’ such as a billiard game, ‘Pool time’. Both have recently begun to be served globally.

In the strategy we have one ‘First Hero’, a game where players can control their heroes in battles to expand their dominance and unite or form alliances with other players to strengthen their empire. The game will be launched for Europe in the first half of 2018.

For social networks, he presented ‘Qube Town ‘ which they have planned service for in the global market. With a base of SNG features such as presentation, production, community, mini-games and exploration, it also includes role-playing game elements that set it apart from other SNG games.

Finally, WEB unveiled plan to expand its platform in 2018 with diversified development ‘ MMORPG based on H5 (HTML5) ‘, follows the style of Mu Ignition and assumes it is disturbed by other Ips.

“We’re starting to expand our genres of games and services in more languages ​​to expand our global market share,” said Tony Kim, CEO of WEB. “To participate in different games of the genres such as sports, strategy, CIS, etc. on different platforms, the company will continue points to users of global games, ”he added.

With a clear commitment at stake for mobile devices, WEBZEN wants to hide its pastel block 110 thousand million revenue which is expected to generate in 2018 for this market (revenue according to App Annie for the entire mobile market), the vast majority of which will correspond to games.

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